Do you feel out of place?

Do you feel out of place?

Did you ever feel at any point in life that you don’t belong to that particular place? Be it school, college, or work, then you are not the only one. A lot of us feel the same way at some stage in our life. There can be a lot of reasons for that, maybe you have over expectations from the people, the place, or the outcome which you expected which resulted in you being in such a social scenario. Whatever may be the reason one must remember that it is normal and not permanent.

I have felt the same a lot of times in my life. It is not easy to adjust to a place where you don’t feel a connection or some sense of belongingness. But these are the times which teach us how to be dynamic, patient and sometimes also help us in discovering our self. In my scenario, I started with changing a few things in my lifestyle. I started hanging out alone, exploring more about what I like reading books, playing games, and doing other things that I liked. All these new experiences helped me become self-reliant and I don’t feel the need for any person to have a good time. I learned to enjoy myself which is so hard for so many people.

So, on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the best-case scenario and 10 is the worst in a particular stage of life, there is always a lot to learn when the number is below 5 and is the personality-building phase for a person. The better the scenario the more comfortable and relaxed will be the mind. Whereas when the scenario that is less ideal for you brings distress, anxiety, negativity, self-doubt, depression in the initial stage, it would eventually turn out to be the best learning phase of your life. So just stick to the process and always enjoy the ideal phase and learn from the other one and always remember both these phases are temporary.

(By- Piyush Kumar)

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  1. Been there, done that. Can relate to it and I'm sure every individual does face that at some point in his life. But not everyone can make peace with it and find happiness. Some stick around while others choose to flea to some other place. In all this, I guess the art of enjoying your own company just works the best. 😁


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