Kerala man is always ready to ferry Covid patients- Salute to 'Autorickshaw ambulance’

This applauding news came from the state Kerala as there is a person named  Sandeev Raj, 40 years old of Olavaipu in Thaikkatussery panchayat of Cherthala taluk in Alappuzha. By profession he was a welder but two years ago he started as an auto driver but what he did was just par excellence as many of the government authorities fails to provide the facilities or somehow some kind of negligence in part of government authorities is going on, then their person named Sandeev came with a solution of turning his auto into an ambulance. He took this step as he saw that there is a lack of facility of Ambulance services in remote areas like "Olivaipu".

He also states that he saw many of the people or sometimes neighbors just decline to help the covid patients as they think that their symptoms will come to them. He also stated that it is very difficult for the villagers to call the ambulance as everyone doesn't have that facility. So I decided just to help the covid patients who so ever wants medical help, he will always give them the ambulance facility free of cost as he turned my auto-rickshaw into the ambulance and separate my cabin with plastic sheet and keep all the sanitizers and medical aids in that ambulance.

In last he mentioned that only the help of an ambulance facility is not enough for the covid survivors so he can help the families of Covid infected people by providing them food aids at their doorstep with the help of their friends.


Sandeev is also having a family of his wife and two children.

As the current situation is going where everyone needs some kind of help and everyone pray to god for help, then these kinds of saviors or we can say that a messiah which is sent by God came and give their all efforts to save the life of the needy ones.

Salute to him.

help of ambulance facility

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