How to Submit a Post on Lawtantra? [Study Material, Programming, Internships & Jobs, Internship Experiences]


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Note: All College/University/NGO events are published on Lawtantra for free.

How to submit a post?

1. Please submit your post to and follow the below guidelines. Please do NOT call, SMS, or Whatsapp us regarding publishing/updating of posts.

2. The subject line of your email should be ‘Lawtantra post’.

3. The full content of the post should be in the body of the email. Brochures, other documents, and images can be sent as attached files. Please send the content in text/word format. Please do NOT send PDF files.

4. The full content (body of the email) should be between 300-1200 words long. Please write in precise detail. NOTE: The post will be rejected if it is less than 300 words long.

5. Please mention the original URL to the event/opportunity at the end of the email.

6. Kindly email changes (if required on the published post) on the same email thread/chain (where you submitted the first post) for all requests to update content. Please avoid fresh/new email subject lines for the same post.

7. For internship experiences, please feel free to go beyond the format and write in any style you may want (but do include all the details that are usually there). If you wish to be anonymous, please include ANONYMOUS in the subject line of your email.

8. Sponsored posts: If you are private organisation and are charging students, we’ll treat your post as a sponsored post and charge between Rs. 500 and 20,000 for such a post.

9. The fee depends on the nature of the post being submitted. Please email at

 10. Alternate Submission Link 

 If this form does not load properly, try submitting your content via this alternate submission link.

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