Do you know that Love is Something different? Is it so difficult to understant?

Love is the most beautiful Emotion & Feeling. And we need love to live a better life, a beautiful life.

It's we who have made this word so complicated, even I myself misunderstood it. I was scared of this word because I have read and heard so much about its consequences. But you know that when the real meaning is understood, you come to know that it is one of the most beautiful things.

Today boys and girls get attracted, get addicted to each other, and when things don't go according to them, they breakup and tell how they loved each other. And we defines it as love.

Love is something different. Love has the power to make you, heal you, help you and can make you live a life. Its rare today, very rare, at least in this generation and that can be understood how they define love.

πŸ‘‰The bond between mother and her daughter is love.

πŸ‘‰ The bond between you and your pet is love.

πŸ‘‰That special bond between your friend ( no matter boy or girl ) is love.

And so many other such bonds......

That feeling when you know that you have someone to support you, someone whose hug can make you feel better, whose lap can make you feel good, someone who knows and understand you, cares for you, who can feel your pain. That when you cry, that person will not blame you to be weak but understand you. This all makes it more special.

Love is very special, why to define only as a way of couple. Okay I agree when it comes to your soulmate it's different but that's not only love.

Love has a complete different meaning. If one understand that its beautiful and if not it's mess.

( There is difference between LOVE and MADNESS, please understand that.)

Love is not something that needs name of relationship, it can be for anyone, if you actually genuinely care and concern, it is also love. 

All those who deserves to be in your heart are your love.

And I am not getting philosophical, this is true, think it deeply.

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