What are the chances of postponement of the June 21 CA foundation exam?

What are the chances of postponement of the June 21 CA foundation exam?

CA foundation exam

Everyone knows the condition what are the problems facing right now there are high chances of the exam get postponed to next month or it can be postponed to August or it can be shifted to November attempt also because the condition of the country that affected by coronavirus is getting worst of worst because doctors are saying that the coronavirus Phase III is going to become in the month of June or July and if the coronavirus Phase 3 come in this month then it will not possible that Institute will not take any risk for the conducting the exam because it is the not situation where anyone can risk with any student or neighbor. We know that lots of negativity is roaming around us and I urge the institute to please make a notification on that issue also other CA foundation exam will it postponed or not because the student is in the very dilemma of this exam either exam will be conducted or not it is the time where Institute support student to keep spreading the positivity and studying in a room and keep motivating himself it is the time to Institute motivate us it is the time where everyone's potential is going to be tested and we know that exam will be postponed or not you have to study hard you have to keep yourself motivated and I request you do not believe on the rumors of various YouTube channel kindly pay attention study go study 6 hours 7 hours 5 hours at least and do not let books disclosed by yourself do not let you down your moral

Keep positivity keep motivating everyone it is the hardest time we are facing so support everyone and be together to stop the chain of spreading coronavirus

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