No pressure from the army, 'I take decisions related to foreign policy myself" by Imran Khan to Urdu Press Review from Pakistan

Imran Khan's interview with a private TV channel this week in Urdu newspapers published from Pakistan, the news related to the opposition grand alliance was in the news. The first thing was the interview of Imran Khan. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is no pressure from the army on him and he himself decides what will be the foreign policy of Pakistan. Imran Khan, who joined a program of Express News to 'the point', said that there is no pressure of the army on him and the army never stopped him from doing any work.

He said that his government is implementing what was in his party's manifesto. Imran Khan said that giving any position to a former army officer does not mean that it has been done under the pressure of the army.

Regarding being given the responsibility of the Sino-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Army officer General Asim Bajwa, he said that he was given this post because General Asim has been the commander of the Southern Command and has been knowledgeable about security matters. Imran Khan said that he felt that General Bajwa would be a very suitable person for this work, for this there was no pressure from anyone.

Regarding the cases against the opposition leaders, he said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), an anti-corruption body, does not work under them. When he was called 'Selected' Prime Minister, Imran Khan said, "The leaders who call me selected are themselves selected. Both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari were selected. The 2018 elections were clearer than the 2013 elections. "Regarding Pakistan's foreign policy, Imran Khan said, "Relations with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are absolutely fine, there is no issue." We also have very good relations with Turkey and have relations with China which were never there before. He said, "There are also relations with Afghanistan which were never there before." America today praises Pakistan for helping Afghanistan peace process rather than saying 'Do More'.

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