IMPORTANT QUESTION                       {TYPE-1}

1. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Distinguish between entrepreneur and promoter. 

(b) State the characteristics of a capital market. 

(c) Explain forward delivery contracts at the stock exchange.

(d) State the various outdoor media of advertising. 

(e) Enumerate essentials of a good transport system. 

(f) How does a public enterprise differ from private enterprise ? Explain.

2. Attempt any four of the following : 

 (a) Write a short note on 'underwriting'. 

(b) Differentiate between Advertisement and Publicity.

 (c) State the services rendered by the retailers to the consumers. 

(d) Briefly explain the merits of Partnership form of organisation. 

(e) Briefly explain the procedure of raising funds through public deposits. 

(f) State the problems of Public Enterprises. 

3. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Distinguish between non - economic and economic activities of human beings. 

(b) State the qualities of a good entrepreneur. 

(c) Describe the methods of raising long - term capital. 

(d) State briefly the rules for listing of securities on a stock exchange. 

(e) Distinguish between advertisement and publicity. 

(f) State channels of distribution of industrial goods. 

4. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Distinguish between private limited company and public limited company. 

(b) Write a short note on bank overdraft. 

(c) How is Industrial Finance corporation of India helpful in the industrial development ? 

(d) Explain the concept of speculation at stock exchanges. 

(e) State with reasons of your choice of media of advertising for a low priced detergent in the rural areas. 

(f) Describe briefly the importance of transport in trade. 

(g) Enumerate the major reasons for the government participation in business. 

(h) Distinguish between current bank account and savings bank accounts. 

5. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Distinguish between profession and employment. 

(b) Describe briefly different types of promoters of business. 

(c) Explain the difference between fixed capital and working capital. 

(d) State the important points to be kept in mind while designing an advertisement message. 

(e) Outline the important steps necessary to be taken by a businessman before undertaking export-import business. 

(f) How is overdraft facility beneficial to the businessman ? 

(g) Explain the difference between a public enterprise and a private enterprise. 

(h) What is meant by a government company ?  

6. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Enumerate the essentials of an effective advertisement. 

(b) Briefly explain the services provided by retailers to consumers. 

(c) List out the factors affecting the capital structure of a firm. 

(d) Distinguish between 'Entrepreneur' and 'Promoter'. 

(e) Explain the benefits of containerisation for transportation of goods. 

(f) State the features of public utilities. 

7. Attempt any four of the following : 

 (a) Briefly explain the advantages of raising funds through the issue of debentures. 

(b) Differentiate between business and profession. 

(c) Explain the concept of 'entrepreneurship'. 

(d) Write a short note on 'Recurring Deposit Account'. 

(e) What are the essentials of a good transport system ? 

(f) State the objectives of Public Enterprises. 

8. Attempt any four of the following : 

(a) Distinguish between economic and non-economic activities. 

(b) Explain entrepreneurship and its main characteristics. 

(c) What do you mean by public deposits ? State the conditions to be satisfied if a small scale unit wants to exceed the limits. 

(d) What is meant by margin trading ? Explain with an example. 

(e) Explain publicity and its different forms. 

(f) State the services of wholesalers to the retailers. 

(g) What do you mean by mortgage ? Explain its importance in business. 

(h) Enumerate the salient features of the public enterprises. 

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