How to Linking A Custom Domain/Subdomain To Github Pages

Step 1

Buy a domain (e.g., I used " / / so more, but you can use any number of domain name registries.

Step 2

In your repository Settings, add the domain you purchased in Step 1 to the “Custom domain box”:


Under "Custom domain", type your custom domain, then click Save. This will create a commit that adds a CNAME file in the root of your publishing source.


Make sure you do Step 2 before Step 3, for security reasons outlined in the Official Github docs.

Step 3

In your DNS Management console, add a CNAME record with the following parameters:

  • type = CNAME
  • name = www
  • value =
Meaning: This tells your DNS to point requests towards the site hosted at Set the TTL (time to live) to an hour or less.

Next, in your DNS Management console, add 4 separate A records with the following information:

  • type = A
  • name = @
  • points to (value) = IP

Meaning: “A” records connect your domain name (hosted by your DNS) to the actual IP addresses where your site lives on a server (at Github).

Official References: For most up to date IP Addresses, use GitHub’s official documentation and for setting up CNAME use this documentation.

UPDATE 1: The IP addresses for DNS  record is updated. The new IP addresses are required to use the free HTTPS support for GitHub pages.

UPDATE 2: Some people said this change is not working, it is actually because the DNS update can take upto 48 hours to propagate. So, I guess try hitting your domain next day 

NOTE 1: Even though it’s very obvious, you should replace  and  with your personal github username and domain name you are trying to use respectively.

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