Isn’t Patriarchy affecting the society in totality?

We live in patriarchal society where women are treated as object or inferior to men. During Lockdown, there was increase in cases of domestic violence. Why there was such a spike in the crimes against women. The answer is very simple. These male chauvinist who treated women like animal satisfy their ego by beating them. This society doesn’t say anything against such men rather they ask victim to keep their mouth shut. But law can’t ignore the women. Indeed, Law has empowered women. There are many provisions in the IPC for crime against women. In reality, most women are not aware about their rights and even if they are aware but didn’t have courage to file a case. As a Law student, I feel that I have the obligation to inform women about their basic human rights. I strongly believe that women should start feeling that they are not alone. Law is there to protect women. Women are never weak but for the sake of family’s reputation they tend to tolerate such heinous crimes. Today in 2020, whenever a women tries to raise her voice, she is termed as mad, witch, prostitute and what not. Look at the recent incident, where a very famous actress’s office cum house was demolished.

patriarchal society
patriarchal society

The reason was very simple as she raises her voice against the state government. The male chauvinist who are sitting on powerful position doesn’t like her voice. Her bold statements were shattering the egos of many powerful politician. So to scare her, they broke her office. But we live in India where we have a strong judiciary. The Bombay High Court has ordered the defendant to compensate her. All the expenses incurred by the state government in appointing a lawyer were given by us i.e. tax payers. Indeed ,we live in Patriarchal society.

There are many examples in our country where women were burnt , were called as psychopath. The very famous Bollywood celebrity Kangana Ranaut was called as witch, a women who mixes her period blood in food and a psychopath in an editorial page of newspaper. Look at the journalist who wrote such stuffs. I am questioning his or her intellect. How can a person who is so educated can write such rubbish things? The reason was she had an affair with a superstar. There was no support for her in the Bollywood. I truly believe that a women should support other women. But I didn’t find much support for her in Bollywood.

There are many questions to my reader that why did I mention about celebrities , why did I give their examples. The answer is simple that as a layman we often find our role models in stars. So, we should know who can be our role model. I want to tell everyone that we are also contributing to these Patriarchal Society. When there is a release of movie of male superstar, we tend to go to theatres but we didn’t such enthusiasm for female centric film . Example, there is a movie called Sanju which is a biopic of a Sanjay Dutt collects around 300 crores on box office where as Manikarnika film collects 150 crores at box office. I want to request everyone that wisely invest your money. At last I want to conclude by saying that, no one in this world can make you feel empowered unless you yourself feel that you are empowered.

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