Radhe movie release and review, Zee5 crashes as Salman Khan’s film release leads to heavy traffic.

Seeti Maar!! Seeti Maar!! Seeti Maar!!

Zee5 Official Site was crashed as the fans of Bhaijaan are eager to see his Radhe.

Yeah, you heard that right, What a comeback movie of Salman Khan or you can say RADHE.

Salman Khan is known for his Charisma of heroism in his movies and for his solid dialogue deliveries with great dance moves which makes the audience grove along with him and yes the action factor. Radhe is well directed by the who is the perfect man by itself "Prabhudeva" as he has knowledge of everything that he is making and somehow he delivered his best this time as well. In Radhe, Salman Khan is playing the role of a Super Cop as he called from his suspension to clean the city which is fulled of drug mafias. Somehow many of you think Salman khan looks similar to the 'Wanted' but you don't have to and I know for Salman Khan fans the entry scene must be very important and that also keeps minded by the makers of this movie.

Disha Patni playing the character of (DIYA) has not a major role to play but whatsoever she got she performed very well. The chemistry between Salman Khan and Disha was to make you laugh sometimes as they share some great humor together. 

Jackie Shroff plays the Senior Officer of Radhe as Jackie throws great dialogue deliveries and whenever he is on the screen you cannot ignore him.

Randip Hooda playing the character of (RANA) is the backbone of the movie as he single-handedly managed to perform the great skills of acting and overwhelming looks, the way of delivering the dialogues, and of course his acting. Just par excellent.

Overall movie is far better than the last releases like Bharat as in Radhe Salman Khan managed to bound the audience as what the audience wants from Salman Khan movie is just a full pack Masala Entertainer.

Plus point of Hype of Radhe is obviously 1-) Salman Khan.

2-) Catchy  Songs + Well Choreographed

3-) Action Scenes

Overall you can watch this movie without getting any complaints as Radhe is a Time watch movie.

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