Is female leadership is a myth - Why is the role of women's leadership in Indian politics very low?

In India, one of the main factors behind this we are still struggling to overcome traditional mindsets and long-established notions about the distribution of work between men and women.

I want to take a pragmatic example in which you all were seen in your home but you'd just ignored that 

from starting, when a girl grows in a family her family anticipating them from to be calm, kind or you've managed your career, family, household chores, society also while,

on the other hand when a boy grows then his parents teach them that you've to dream big, to be aggressive which tends to women end up their career and she chooses her "safer and comfort" side even she has a quality like entrepreneurship or a creative mind.

Women still tackle their job in different situations(household, childcare work) but men don't. Many workplaces have benefits to take leave off, men rarely available themselves of those holidays so, we've to empower our men to find joy with his family and to take benefit from these responsibilities.

So that women can also find their strengths and weakness and work on them.

"I truly believe every individual is present on the earth whether men or women all of us born to be successful".

I want to ask two questions from every reader who read this:-

1.  Is dreaming of a goal or thriving to achieve it only a man's right?

2. Is it good to kill your dreams and only focus on the home and children when they've career ambitions?

"Men empower yourself to take up equal responsibility so that women will automatically be empowered."

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