My 18 years of experience with life. [Can my experiences be important to anyone? ]

My 18 years of experience with life.

Well to many of you my topic seems to be very unsuitable according to my age and experiences, but my dear readers there is no age limit to experiencing life.

My journey recounts certain unique experiences of my life from my childhood until now. So I came to the conclusion from my life that life is full of difficulties.

Think of rising higher. Let it be your only thought. Even if your object be not attained, the thought itself will have raised you.

There is not a single person in the world who is not having any problem whether it may be a doctor, teacher, student, engineer, coder, Actor, etc.  But it doesn't mean to just give up on life. One must keep dreaming at various phases of life, and then work hard to realize those dreams.

You cannot judge a person by simply looking at their dressing sense or their looks. 

They might be suffering from one or the other problem. 

Real success cannot be achieved by simply having fame and money, it can be achieved only when we win ourselves.

Life is a mixture of good and bad moments.

If you feel that you are happy today then be prepare for tomorrow because your next moment would be full of difficulties. and if you are sad today then be happy because your next moment would definitely be free from difficulties.

This is a rule of life.

My only motto is to make you understand your life. the hurdles will always come every now and then but you have to be strong enough to fight for those hurdles.

Now  I must stop myself otherwise the list is a bit long.


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