Jupiter and Saturn planets will appear very close to each other.

On the night of Monday 21 December, both Jupiter and Saturn planets will appear very close to each other.  This will be a very big astronomical event, before such a view appeared in 1623 and now in 2080 such an event will be seen.  Both these planets will appear in the west direction.  With this, there will be a distance of only 0.1 degree between these two.

 Learn special things related to this astronomical event here:

1. If NASA believes that everyone can see these two planets simultaneously.

2. They will appear together for one hour after sunset in the south west direction.

3. In India, this sight will be seen around 6.30 and 7.30 pm.

4. How to identify: The brightest planet in it is Jupiter and the less bright planet is Saturn.

5. Nehru Planetarium, Delhi Nehru Planetarium) has started registrations to watch this astronomical event, although Kovid-19 guidelines will also be followed during this time, to see the same on their website.

Today is a sight that was seen 800 years ago.  According to the English calendar, 21 December means that tonight is going to be the longest of the year.  In such a situation many astronomical scientists are eyeing it.  According to experts in this matter, such a rare event of approaching Jupiter and Saturn is happening.

 In fact, before this, such a collusion of Saturn and Jupiter was seen about 800 years ago.  According to experts, both the planets will be seen face to face when viewed from the earth, but their distance in space will be millions of kilometers away.

Let us tell you that the coincidence of Jupiter-Saturn facing each other happens every 20 years.  It was last seen in the year 2000.  But this General Assembly was seen in 1623 and 1224 before this year.

According to astronomical scientists, such a combination is called a great combination ie Great Conjunction.  According to experts, after sunset this evening, the two planets can be seen to be meeting each other.

According to US space agency NASA, when both planets of the solar system are in tenth of one degree i.e. 0.1 degree, then this phenomenon will be seen.

The shocking revelation made by MP Birla Planetarium Director Debi Prasad Duari is that the two planets will appear close to each other from the Earth, but their distance in the galaxy can be more than 73.5 million kilometers.  But, every day they will come closer to each other.

 What is special tonight

  •  After sunset, the amazing view of space will be seen from the earth
  • Tonight will be the longest
  • Jupiter and Saturn will come closer to each other
  • 800 years before 2020, such an astronomical event

 Earth will be seen but the distance of both planets in space will be 73.5 million kilometers

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