Sometimes ask yourself?

To see above, yeah in your mind arises a question why should we ask this question from ourselves so don't get confused or worried about it.

So as human being we face different, phases of life like childhood, teenage, adult and old age every stage of life face sometimes halcyon days and devastating situation also. Whatever you were doing in life if it is related to a career or shouldering a relationship with someone all of these things you were doing for seeking temporary pleasures. Try to be oneself. Don't expect your happiness from other people or some materialistic thing.

I know every situation we have a different state of mind we have to ask from our soul you were "happy or not" from this," you were growing or not". I agree whenever you get ask this question by yourself maybe it get hurts you but you've to wake up from your comfort zone

Sometimes we have to choose the things with the flow of life but sometimes we have to oppose the things also because everything happens for a reason in life.

So get up dust your body tries to remove your fear of mind, doing something which gives you pure and real happiness & don't wait for the results and keep asking from yourself you will get the more ideas and answers from your side which keep helps you to move forward in life.

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