Important events of 15 May

Important events of 15 May

 1610 - Paris Parliament appoints Louis XIII as King of France.

 1701 - Spanish War begins for succession.

 1718 - James Oakley, a London lawyer, built the world's first machine gun.

 1730 - Robert Walpole is effectively made the first Prime Minister of Britain.

 1788 - Australian frontier wars begin.

 1796 - French troops capture Milan.

 1811 - Paraguay declares independence from Spain.

 1829 - Patent applied for an instrument called Estrian by Damien Cyril.

 1851 - The first Australian Gold Rush is announced, although the discovery was made three months earlier.

 1858 - Royal Italian Opera Covent Garden opened in London.

 1873 - A resolution to dissolve the East India Company in England from June 1, 1874, was passed.

 1878 - Tokyo Stock Exchange is established.

 1891 - Phillips & Company is established in Holland.

 1905 - Las Vegas is established in Nawada, USA.

 1918 - First airmail service starts in America.

 1925 - First Arabic Communist newspaper is launched.

 1930 - Alan Church, the world's first female air hostess, flew in the Auckland – Chicago flight.

 1935 - Moscow Metro opened to the public.

 1939 - The romantic drama film Goodbye made by Mr. Chips is premiered in the UK.

 1940 - Two brothers named Mac and Dick Macdonald start Macdonald's Restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

 1948 - Australia set a world record of scoring 721 runs in a single day in a cricket match against Essex.

 1955 - A nuclear test was conducted at the test site in Nevada, USA.

 1957 - The UK Ministry of Supply announces that the first hydrogen bomb was tested under a series of tests conducted in the Pacific Ocean.

 1958 - Gift tax started in India.

 1958 - Soviet Union launches Sputnik III rocket.

 1974 - 16 teenage girls held hostage in an Israeli school were killed.  Three Palestinians were also killed simultaneously.

 1985 - John Anthony Walker Jr. is arrested by the FBI for passing classified naval communications to the Soviet Union.

 1988 - the Soviet Union begins withdrawing one lakh 15 thousand soldiers from Afghanistan.

 1991 - Mrs. Edith Cresson becomes the first female Prime Minister of France.

 1993 - United Nations decides to celebrate May 15 as International Family Day.

 1995 - China conducts nuclear tests at Lop Nor, PRC.

 1995 - Allison Gargribes becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Everest without oxygen cylinders.

 1999 - Kuwaiti government grants women the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

 2001 - Majority of the right-wing coalition in Italy.

 2002 - United Nations Security Council approves sanctions on Iraq.

 2003 - War suit against Brussels court against US forces commander Tommy Frakes in the Iraq war.

 2004 - Arsenal Football Club become the first team in the English Premier League to become champions without losing a single match.

 2005 - Indian aircraft landed in Canada after 20 years.

 2008 - Manjula Sood of Indian origin becomes the first Asian woman to become mayor in the UK (2005 is also mentioned, so please confirm).

 2008 - Sri Lankan government extends ban on terrorist organization LTTE for two years.

 2008 - California becomes the second state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage after Massachusetts.

 2013 - 389 people died in violence in Iraq for three days.  Get this almanac directly and join the "Haryana Educational Updates" Facebook page for various and educational news.

 2019 - Kaila's land area will be included in World Heritage, Interim list of World Heritage.

 2019 - French painting painter Claude Monet's painting mules sold for a record $ 11 million (about Rs 770 crore) at an auction.  Monet built it in 1890–91.

 2019 - Kami Rita Sherpa (49) of Nepal created history by reaching the record 23rd time on Mount Everest, the world's highest peak.

 2020 - World Bank approves $ 1 billion in aid to accelerate India's covid-19 social security program.

 2020 - Myanmar army handed over 22 militants from northeast India to India today.

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