how to Behave Politely...

It is not just a word it's the behavior from which you can win the Universe if you observe. It's having a huge color of the spectrum more than in VIBGYOR. 

For some people, sometimes it shows an understanding of care for other people's feelings or some people behaves politely means it feels like living in your world or for some people it is also working as a weapon if someone fights with you and if you don't say something during fight conflict, was ended at that moment simultaneously.

But but really, If someone is polite that person having enough energy to achieve anything, flexible to do any work, and also easily indulge in any task.

Have you ever notice whatever the things present around you it doesn't matter whether it is living or materialistic things?....

If no No issues... You can read my experience, like as materialistic things from which we fulfill our priority and work that all the things are polite and behaving in this manner as human wants. And they aren't hurting us if we are not using at their threshold level because after that mechanism of that particular device may get damaged.

As in the same way we all are humans if we behave politely we can achieve what we want but if you are showing your aggression on someone for something that not resembles you as in the category of humanity. And also don't test someone's threshold level may be in the future you may face the same.

So be calm and cool with yourself even if you suffer. Because one day all the sufferings and reason of troubling will be ended by putting your endeavors. So be patient.

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