Vocabulary For All Competitive Exam- SSC, CHSL,UPSE & Govt. jobs etc.

1. Audience – a number of people listening to a lecture.

2. Altruist – one, who considers the happiness and well-being of others first

3. Atheist – a person who does not believe in God

4. Anthropologist – one, who studies the evolution of mankind

5. Autocracy – government by one person

6. Autobiography – the life history of a person written by himself

7. Amputate – to cut off a part of a person’s body that is infected

8. Arsenal – a place for ammunition and weapons

9. Archives – a place where government or public records are kept

10. Amateur – a man who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession

11. Aristocracy – government by the nobles

12. Aquatic – animals/plants ere which live in water

13. Amphibian – animals which live both on land and sea

14. Ambidexter – one, who can use either hand with ease

15. Alimony – allowance paid to wife on legal separation

16. Anthology – a collection of poems

17. Abdication – voluntary giving up of the throne in favor of someone

18. Arbitrator – a person, appointed by two parties to solve a dispute

19. Astronomer – a person, who studies stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies

20. Astrologer – a person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings

21. Anthology – a collection of poems

22. Axiom – a statement that is accepted as true without proof

23. Agenda – a list of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting

24. Anarchist – one, who is out to destroy all governance, law, and order

25. Almanac – an annual calender with positions of stars

26. Bigamy – the practice of having two wives or husbands at a time

27. Bibliophile – a lover and collector of books

28. Bouquet – a collection of flowers

29. Bureaucracy – government by the officials

30. Belligerent – a person, nation that is involved in the war

31. Biennial – an event which happens once in two years

32. Blasphemy – the act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things

33. Creche – a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work

34. Cosmopolitan – a person who regards the whole world as his country

35. Chauffeur – one, who is employed to drive a motor car

36. Curator – a person in charge of a museum

37. Carnivorous – one, who lives on flesh

38. Cannibal – one, who feeds on human flesh

39. Contemporaries – belonging to or living at the same time

40. Cloakroom – a place for luggage at the railway station

41. Cynosure – the center of attraction

42. Connoisseur – a critical judge of any art and craft

43. Crusade – a religious war

44. Choreographer – one, who teaches dancing

45. Cacographist – a person, who is bad at spellings

46. Calligraphist – a person, who writes beautiful handwriting

47. Cynic – one, who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men

48. Convalescent – one, who is recovering health

49. Cavalry – soldiers, who fight on horseback

50. Cardiologist – a person, who is a specialist in heart diseases

51. Cartographer – one, who draws maps

52. Dormitory – the sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution

53. Drawn – a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat

54. Elegy – a poem of lamentation

55. Epitaph – words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried

56. Ephemeral – lasting one day

57. Effeminate – a person who is womanish

58. Emigrant – a person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another

59. Edible – fit to be eaten

60. Egotism – the practice of talking too much about oneself

61. Encyclopedia – a book that contains information on various subjects

62. Epicure – one, who is devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking

63. Florist – one, who deals in flowers

64. Fastidious – one, who is very -selective in one’s taste

65. Fanatic or Bigot – one, who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm in religious matters

66. Fatal – causing death

67. Fatalist – one, who believes in fate

68. Facsimile – an exact copy of handwriting, printing, etc.



(चिह्नित करना): set aside

Synonyms: reserve, appropriate

Antonyms: use up

Example Sentence: The cash had been earmarked for a big expansion of the program.


(परिवर्तनात्‍मक): innovative

Synonyms: new, original

Antonyms: stale

Example Sentence: She is a huge admirer of experimental music.


(छोटा करना): disparage

Synonyms: denigrate, run down

Antonyms: praise

Example Sentence: She belittled my riding and driving skills.


 (भ्रांति): appearance

Synonyms: impression, imitation

Antonyms: reality

Example Sentence: They have to showcase an illusion of family togetherness.


 (के बीच): in the middle of

Synonyms: among, between

Antonyms: surrounding

Example Sentence: Our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside.


 (संगी): concomitant

Synonyms: companion, mate

Antonyms: enemy, adversary

Example Sentence: He is my true consort.


 (लय में करना): accommodate

Synonyms: accustom, adapt

Antonyms: disarrange, disagree

Example Sentence: We are not attuned to making decisions.


(स्वीकृति): acceptance

Synonyms: assurance, certainty

Antonyms: denial, disbelief

Example Sentence: If a person wants to give credence to his business, he must develop a website for it.


 (श्रृंखला): succession

Synonyms: series, string

Antonyms: trickle

Example Sentence: A woman screamed a stream of abuse.


(दबना): yield

Synonyms: give in, give way

Antonyms: resist

Example Sentence: We cannot merely give up and succumb to despair.

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