Happiness inside you.

In this universe, every individual has a lot of friends, siblings, and relatives but somewhere some people need a relationship but always give them pleasures, happiness, or entertainment and they were thinking there the luckiest people in this world.

But sorry! My intention wasn't to hurt people's feelings. Every person finds their happiness in some other people they were waiting for someone's reply on personal chat or waiting someone appraising or wishes. 

My intention wasn't to try to judge any person. I am explaining what I had observed in my surroundings these kinds of peoples are the most lonely in themselves because they were trying to find their happiness in other people if they were present they'll happy if not then they'll not. I know sometimes we need pampering but every time that was not fine it was rubbish for us. 

Happiness inside you

Try to analyze yourself after all, which qualities you don't have for being happy or makes you happy from your side, not from another one.

Every relationship is temporary which sometimes feel you happy or sometimes melancholy but make a relationship with yourself try to stay happy with yourself it is present inside you only because every materialistic thing related to happiness ends one day.

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