Important events of 19 May

Important events of 19 May 👉

1568 - Queen Elizabeth I of England arrests Scott Queen Mary.

 1571 - Miguel Lopez de Jagazpi founded Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

 1714 - The Queen of Great Britain refuses to allow members of the House of Hanover to remain in Britain during her lifetime.

 1769 - Pope Clement XIV is elected as the 249th Pope in place of Pope Clement XIII.

 1792 - Russian army enters Poland.

 1802 - Napoleon Bonaparte establishes the French French Legion (Sir's army).

 1848 - The world's first department store opens.

 1885 - German Chancellor Bispark occupies the African country of Cameroon and Tongoland.

 1892 - Noted playwright and poet Oscar Wilde were released from prison.

 1900 - The world's largest rail tunnel then opened to commuters, connected by the Italy-Switzerland route.

 1926 - Benito Mussolini declares Italy as a hangman nation.

 1930 - White women get the right to vote in South Africa.

 1939 - Russia and Britain sign an anti-Nazi pact.

 1961 - 11 people died in a clash with police at Silchar railway station in Assam demanding recognition of the Bengali language.

 1971 - The first submarine base of the Indian Navy commences at Veer Bahu Visakhapatnam.

 1971 - Russia launches the MARS-2 program.

 1976 - Australia gives legal recognition to gold ownership.

 1991 - Croatian citizens participate in a referendum for independence.

 1999 - Mahendra Chaudhary of Indian origin appointed Prime Minister of Fiji.

 1999 - Volcano active in Mexico called 'Balkan Diffuso'.

 2000 - Disney releases the film 'Dinosaur'.

 2000 - Expedition by seven masked armed men to Fiji's Indian Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhary's government exactly one year later.

 2001 - Israel's airstrikes on Palestinian headquarters, 15 injured.

 2002 - East Timor emerged on the world map as the first new nation of the new millennium after four centuries of slavery.

 2003 - President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guleh arrives in New Delhi on a visit to India.

 2006 - Indian-origin Malaysian industrialist T. Ravichandran conquers Mount Everest.

 2007 - Consensus on the overall immigration reform bill in the US Senate.

 2008 - Trade resumes between India and China from Nathula.

 2008 - World Labor Organization executive Akshiksha Asane inaugurates the conference on social security in New Delhi.

 2008 - Bank of Baroda recorded a 39.9% increase in its net profit in the year 2007-08.

 2008 - Mahathir Muhammad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, announced his separation from the ruling party.

 2008 - China postpones Indian travelers' visit to Kailash Mansarovar.

 2010 - The government of India gets a fee of Rs 67718.95 crore from the auction of 3G spectrum running for 34 days.

 2010 - Naxals blew up a railroad near Bangari Halt between Jeevadhara and Pipra railway station of Motihari district on Muzaffarpur-Raxaul railway block in Bihar, crashing a tanker freight train and setting fire to 13 of its coaches.

 2011 - 58th National Film Awards were announced.  Awarded the film 'Moner Manus' for national unity, the film 'Dabangg' for the most entertaining film.  Malayalam film ‘Edeminte Makan Abu’ was adjudged the best film, Arunima Sharma the best director.

 2016 - Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo disappeared over the Mediterranean.

 2019 - Iraq: Seven killed, 26 injured in bomb attacks on Shia paramilitary personnel.

 2019 - Big upset in Australian elections: the victory of the ruling Liberal coalition, the resignation of Labor Party leader Bill Shorten.

 2020 - India - Center declared Ambikapur, Rajghat, Surat, Mysore, Indore, and Navi Mumbai as waste-free five-star cities.

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