We all read this quote that books are your only best friend and once again it's proved in the Aamchi  Mumbai.

The authorities set up a full-fledged library facility for the covid patients as the main reason for setting up the library as the patients confined to their bed for almost 2-3 weeks without having any scope of entertainment, so this all set up by the NAVI MUMBAI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ( NMMC ).

As the movement of the covid-19 patients are restricted due to protocols given by the government so they can avail the library facility to just spend their time with more ease. Abhijeet Bangar the Chief of NMMC told in the interview that the main reason for setting up the library in the Covid Care Center is to divert the patient's attention from negativity and engage them in reading and build up their positive energy on their own.

He also said that many patients bring the book with them and those who not they will take and read as many books they want to read as it will help them to boost up their reading skills as if not they just see some negative or fake news on their smartphones.

"It is possible that some patients may lose hope while fighting the deadly virus. The impact can be worse when they are away from family. The books can give them solace and divert their thoughts," said Praffula Wankhede from Let's India Read foundation.

"In that particular library there is a huge collection of books in Marathi, Hindi and English for Covid patients," said Sachin Jadhav, who is part of the NMMC team that supervises the care centre, as he told that this idea came from the patients only as when they interacted with them.

In last Bangar said that when they leave from this covid centre we want the 'reading virus' to be imbibed in them," said Bangar who plans to set up more similar initiatives in the other Covid Care Centres.

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