How Birbal came to the Akbar's court.

The story of how Birbal come to Akbar's Court 

Akbar was the third Mughal emperor to rule in India in the 16th century. He is also known as Akbar the great for his contributions in the areas of art, architecture and music. He was literate himself but promoting fine arts and literature., in his Court "nine jewels or Navratan" at present those were poets, Advisors, musician and intellect men.

Emperor Akbar love to went for hunting. On one such trip, he was met with a man named Mahesh Das and he was extremely impressed by the wit of Mahesh Das. Then Emperor Akbar gave his ring to Mahesh Das and ask to him come to and visit Akbar fort at any time.

A few years later, Mahesh das decide to try his luck in the city and to went the emperor on his offer. He reached Agra where the banks of the Yamuna River fort is situated. Many of the Guards staying there and Mahesh Das greeted all of them. They looked at him in disdain( because he was not well dressed ) He showed the ring which was given by Emperor Akbar and asked to visit his fort at any time. Then one of the guards realized this individual was important for Emperor Akbar and he put the condition for entering the fort he said whatever, "you received as a reward you'll give to me half of that reward.

Mahesh das promise the same and he was given access to the court of the Akbar. Emperor Akbar was wholeheartedly welcome to the Mahesh das and offered immediately to him what he wanted.

Mahesh das replied at the drop of hat for 50 lashes of the whip. The whole court amazed but Emperor Akbar knew that Mahesh Das was a very astute young man and asked him for a reason for his wish. Then Mahesh das revealed to Emperor Akbar he had made deal with the guard outside the Fort. Then Emperor Akbar was amused and angry at the same time. Then he awarded 50 lashes to the guard for his backstabbing and his habit of bullying people. After that Mahesh was rewarded by including in his court and provide all the comforts, he could desire. He also bestowed on him the name" Birbal".

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