Question4 A- English

(i) I wonder (wander / wonder) where he has gone.

(ii) You could die of thirst in a desert (desert / dessert).

(iii) Be careful! Don’t break (brake / break) the glass.

(iv) The protestors have threatened to go on an indefinite (definite / indefinite) hunger strike.

(v) I dislike (dislike / like) people who tell lies.

(vi) Don’t worry; you are in capable (capable / incapable) hands.

(vii) You can watch animals in a natural (natural / nature) setting in a national park.

(viiiHe’s very lucky (luck / lucky) to be alive after that  terrible accident.

(ix) I was touched by her kindness (kind / kindness).

(x) Everybody wants to be happy (happiness / happy) in life.​

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