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A recent article in Forbes offers some insight into the state of online learning. Researchers have begun diving into how efficient online learning is compared to classroom education. So far, the results have been promising.

A study from California State University in San Bernadino found that two different sets of students—one group who studied online and the other who went to class—who received the same instruction from the same professor fared equally well in terms of performance. However, the study revealed that online students were less intimidated about participating, and that there was a higher-quality of interaction between students and the professor.

In addition, the Forbes article notes online classes are more likely to present material in attention-grabbing, multimedia formats that may be better suited to today’s students. 

The upshot: Educators have long known that different people take in information in different ways, but educational methods have struggled to adapt. If you're someone whose eyes glaze over during a classroom lecture, you may find that you respond better to online learning approaches

Online students are generally asked to complete more-frequent assessments so that professors can monitor their competence. Because of this, learning gaps can be identified and addressed faster, rather than allowing a struggling student to slip through the cracks until exam time.

Remember, this isn't just about GPAs. When you're paying thousands of dollars for an education, you don't want to hide in the back corner of the classroom. You want to ensure you understand the course material so you can apply it later. 

What’s the biggest difference between online and traditional school? The campus, obviously. If you attend a regular college, you’re probably going to spend several thousand dollars a year on room and board, as well as transportation.

Online college removes all of those expenses from the equation, effectively yielding you a five-figure discount during the course of your studies. Score!

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