Six Ways To Earn $150+ Per Month By Blogging, In 2021

It is very easy to become a blogger. All you need to do is to create a blog and publish content regularly. But, it is very difficult to become a successful blogger. Blogging requires dedication, smart work, hard work and research. Many people start blogging to earn money but very few get success. In this article we will tell you how to become a successful blogger and earn money from it. So let's start…

1. Publish at least two blog posts in a week

Visitors prefer blogs that publish regular content with new and unique ideas. If you are a part-time blogger, try to publish at least 2 blog posts a week. But if you are a full-time blogger, then publish blog posts daily. Google gives more priority to blogs that publish regularly posts. This increases both your ranking and blog reader. So if you want Loyal readers, post regularly on your blog.

2. Write Lengthy Content Brian Dean found in a research article with 1890 words or more words gets good rank in Google.

Larger content ranks better in search engines than smaller content. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts. But keep in mind one thing, do not write rubbish in it to increase the length of your content. Because visitors will not like to come back to your blog after reading your content.

3. Treat Your Blog Like Business 

You can see all the pro-bloggers, they consider their blog as Business. This is why he is such a successful blogger today. If you are blogging for your hobby or fun, you will never succeed in blogging. The reason you won't take blogging seriously. 4. Collect Email for Newsletter You can collect email from visitors and after publishing a new post, send them a newsletter. It is the most effective strategy in blogging. This helps the visitor to become your blog reader.

5. Buy good web hosting Incorrect hosting can ruin your blogging career. The biggest reason is, your blog will be in downtime most of the time and load too slow. Therefore, always buy hosting from a Trusted hosting company. There are many web hosting companies in the market that promise to be the best, but after purchasing hosting from them, you will feel that they have cheated you.

6. Promote your content on Social Media Sites The media is associated with sites and spends valuable time on them. So after publishing your post, share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc. These platforms can help in getting traffic to your blog.

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