Top Stories 09/01/2021

  • "Death of volunteer in vaccine trial due to suspected poisoning" Bharat Biotech has issued a statement saying that a Phase-III trial volunteer in Bhopal passed away, nine days after vaccination last month, and "preliminary reviews by the site indicate the death is unrelated to the study dosing". "As per post-mortem report the probable cause of death was due to cardiorespiratory failure as a result of suspected poisoning," it added.
  • A passenger plane is missing after flying from Jakarta

A passenger plane is missing after flying from Jakarta, Indonesia.  There were 62 people on board this aircraft.  According to flight tracking website flightradar24, the aircraft came down 10,000 feet in less than a minute.  Relief and rescue teams have been activated to locate the aircraft. Read More


  • "Pujara is almost scared to play a shot" Border on batsman's slowest-ever Test fifty Reacting to India batsman Cheteshwar Pujara scoring his slowest-ever Test fifty off 176 balls against Australia, ex-Australia captain Allan Border said, "He is almost scared to play a shot...He's playing to survive rather than looking to score." Border added, "It's like he's stagnated at the crease and it has had a bit of a ripple effect through the Indian batting."

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