Question 2 : The story “A Ten Day Fast” was written when „our democracy was twenty years old‟. Do you think that much has changed since then?(Part-2))

Question 2 :  Based on your reading of your Course Book Fluency in English I answer the following question
i.) Would it be right to say, like her father does, that Gaviri does not need any formal education? 
ANSWER: Paaramma is a little arrogant girl because she happens to be the daughter of a respectable farmer. She pretends to have no fear of punishment for any of her offenses. On the other hand, Gaviria, the little girl, and daughter of a poor laborer is not sent to any school. Her father says that laborer doesn’t need any formal education. 
Gaviri needed soapnut leaves as fire fule at home. She sets out every morning to collect those dry leaves which are fairly thick. Only a few of them fill her basket. They both reached to the field and few stones at the tamarind tree to get fruits. The landlord’s voice sounded like thunder to Gaviri. She bent like a bow before him. But he gave her basket a kick and abused her. She assured him that she had not stolen cattle dung. In fact, it was the work of the Landlord’s own farmworkers. She promised never to come here again, but all in vain. He rained blows on her because she was a soft target, the daughter of the poor laborer. She cried with pain,  
cursed the devil and wept bitterly. 
In our society women are at the receiving end of suffering. They are underfed and overworked. For all their  
services, they are thrashed, abused, and killed.

ii. The story “A Ten Day Fast” was written when „our democracy was twenty years old‟. Do you think that much has changed since then?
ANSWER: Bannu was interested in Radhika Babu’s wife, Savitri. He wished to grab her at any cost. Savitri had no liking at all for Bannu who loved her madly. She even hated the man. The narrator advised him to take some extreme steps to get her. That step was to undertake an indefinite fast. ”. So Bannu went on a fast unto death. Savitri got angry when he sat of fast to get her. He made him confident that there was nothing wrong or laughable in it.
He explained to the Bannu that Even great Saints and Sadhu had been using that weapon to get their demands met. Baba Sankidas was a master strategist. He said that agitations, bandhs, and dharna were organized without obtaining the consent of the cause or issue. The leader of the Cow Protection Movement never asked the cows before they launched their campaign. In a newspaper “Millions of Virtuous People Demand Bannu’s Life must be saved. Horrible consequences if Bannu Dies”. During ten days fast, Bannu suffered terribly. He was ready to break the fast to save his life. But his supporters would not let him retreat. At last, the government accepted the Bannu’s demand in principle and a committee was set up to resolve procedural problems. Baba Sankidas offered a glass of orange juice to him. Baba declared “ In a Democracy, public opinion has to be respected”. In the “ Declaration of Principles,” Bannu says that his soul calls out of him saying, that he is only one-half. His other half is in Savitri. His soul asks to bring the two halves together and make them one.

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