How Yellow Fungus is more dangerous than Black & White fungus

What is yellow fungus? 

 The yellow fungus begins from the internal part of the body, it causes pus leakage slows the healing of wounds. In many serious cases, it can also so cause devastating symptoms i.e organ stops working and acute necrosis. 

This is the reason it is very difficult for the patient to seek help from other infections as soon as they start observing symptoms. 

How it is dangerous? 

As a case of yellow fungus deducted in Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad's and no other states have reported such infection however, Black fungus and white fungus which were first reported 2 months ago are on a rise in India. The rise of cases of Mucormycosis has been attributed to covid-19 infections.

 As people were suffering from covid-19 there were the chances of that immunity which can be affected by Black fungus. 

But the doctor B.P Tyagi from Ghaziabad who detected this kind of Fungus stated that it can be more dangerous as it's not allowed to recover the infection and that infection leads to "PUS" leakage therefore it can be more dangerous than black and white fungus.

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