24 May 2021 Current Affairs in English

 24 May 2021 Current Affairs in English

Q.1. FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup to be held in India 2022 Which will be its version?

Ans. 7th 

October 11 to 30, 2022. it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q.2. Which coach died India's first Dronacharya Award winner in boxing?

Ans. OP Bhardwaj (18 March 1942 Died: 21 May 2021)

Q.3. Hockey India was selected for which prestigious award for contributing to the progress and development of sports in the country?

AnsEtienne Glichitch Award 

Q.4. Who was appointed as the Police Commissioner of Delhi?

Ans. SN Srivastava

Q.5. The World Food Awards Foundation has announced the award of 2021 to whom?

Ans. Shakuntala Hark Singh Thilstad

Q.6. Which kit was introduced by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur for patients infected with Covid-19?

Ans. Home detached kit

Q.7. Which popular Khasi lyricist and singer of Meghalaya passed away?

Ans. Rana Kharkongor

Q.8. Which application has been launched by the Government of Jharkhand for online booking of beds in the hospital?

Ans. Amrit Vahini

Q.9. Which new channel has been announced by Prasar Bharati?

Ans. DD International

Q.10. What day is celebrated on 23 May worldwide?

Ans. World turtle day‌‌

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