Learn from the Choluteca bridge of your life.

Story of  Choluteca bridge:

 Choluteca bridge is a  suspension bridge located in Choluteca, Honduras it was originally constructed in 1930 the bridge was rebuilt in 1996. The government knowing the bridge was facing extreme weather conditions so that it could withstand any hurricane.

 So in 1998 and Honduras was drastically hit by hurricane Mitch. Roads were wiped out, there was considerable damage to buildings, farms, and other bridges also but the Choluteca bridge survive in perfect condition. It was an amazing architectural achievement.

 There was one problem the storm caused the river to empty which was no longer exists under the bridge so the bridge is no longer stood over the river and it becomes useless. It quite remarkable how quickly things can change. The designer of the bridge still unable to anticipate future conditions under which the bridge was operated. This situation demonstrates that how even the simplest assumption about the bridge may be incorrect.

So in a simple way Bridge is what,  it is a way for people to cross from one end to another or we can say it connects a path also.

Learn from the Choluteca Bridge of your life: Image

Similarly in life also we have many bridges which connect us from our past to present,  present to past,  present to future. For example, for choosing a subject  or career profession  sometimes  the decision was fruitful  but  sometimes  that decision was not fruitful  in present or upcoming days  as we anticipating from those,  so this acted as a bridge in our life as we also called as  "Choluteca bridge."

But from those Choluteca bridges in your life, you have to learn from them. Every bridge depicts a "lesson" behind it. So what's your Choluteca bridge in your life? Think about it and what's your strategies for making those bridges to becomes Path. Learn from it.

The Story of the Choluteca Bridge: Lessons in Life's Bridges

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