Covid-19 Few positive news, which is necessary to heal your mind

Positive News

 In this pandemic it's very necessary to stay positive, stay away from the negative news read those news only which Heal your brain. 

This overwhelming news came from the Southern part of our country that is Vijayawada. In Vijayawada, there is a foundation named as "Margam Foundation" who basically rescue the Covid patients in home isolation and also provide them with food full of nutrients and protein which helps to increase the immunity of the patients at their doorstep without taking any charges. 

To avail all these facilities they need one just have to contact the foundation on their helpline number which is handled by the team of volunteers.

  • The founder, "Lakshmi Annapurna", said she had the experience of the problems that a person faces when she infected in October.

  • So, now basically her foundation has been providing almost 250 meals a day to patients and their family members in areas like Moghalrajpuram, Satyanarayanpuram, Vidhyadharapuram, Brundhavan Colony, Krishna Lanka, Benz Circle, BRTS Road and Gunadala.

  • At last, she appealed to the police officers to provide them with vehicle passes and permissions so that they can reach many patients as soon as possible like those who live in remote areas.

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