JEALOUS- A "state of Mind"

"JEALOUS" is what when we were feeling upset or angry because we think that somebody you like or love is showing interest in another one. It's not happens in love or liking aspects of life while it's exist during the exams, or when your relative becomes more wealthy than or something more.

People always compares yourself with others. They didn't even think that everybody have there different situations and nourishment.

This habit wasn't good for you and your relationships also. For example,

If am talking about the students who were preparing for competitive or board exams you all were thinking this time I have to score more as compare to other peers and leave behind to them but you were thinking wrong.

And if you doesn't get that marks you may be feels hurt and embarrassing in front of your friends and other people. Sometimes people defines it's as a competition but in reality this competition defines how you were jealous from each others.

This is not a appropriate way to grow yourself .In reality, if you really wants to achieve something in life then you've to compete with yourself only not with other people. Change your mindset it may help to build new strategies or habits in your daily curriculum which benefits you and one day you'll get what you anticipates from your life ( in relationships, carrier or other life aspects).

By- Soni Sharma  

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