Idioms For All Competitive Exam- SSC, CHSL,UPSE & Govt. jobs etc. - Part I

Idioms Part I:

1. At the drop of a hat: instantly

2. Egg on his face: look foolish or be embarrassed

3. Spicks &Span: neat and clean 

4. Blow one's own trumpet: praising oneself.

5. Black Sheep: a disreputable member of a group or a family

6. Midas touch: the extraordinary power

7. Halcyon days: peaceful days

8. Itsy Bitsy: very small and tiny

9. At arm's length: avoid become too friendly

10. cock and Bull story: the concocted story

11. Part and parcel: very important 

12. In a nutshell: in brief

13. shot in the arm: the act of encouragement 

14. Cry down: belittle

15. All the sea: confused 

16. At one wit's end: in dilemma or perplexed

17. At olive branch: peace request 

18. Apple pie order: in a good condition

19. Apple of discord: the core of quarrel

20. At a pinch: in trouble

21. An iron will: strong willpower

22. At the eleventh hour: at the last moment 

23. At dagger's dawn: to have a bitter enemy 

24.Back stairs gossips: unfair talk

25. Achilles hills: A small but fatal weakness 

26. An Ananias: A liar 

27. In the pink: very healthy 

28. An old flame: the person had a romantic relationship in the past 

29. Dry run: Rehearsal 

30. Best of both the worlds: all the advantages 

31. Call it a day: to stop what you are doing or to end the work. 

32. At one's finger's end: have complete knowledge

33. Bird's eye view: overview

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