Passage 2 : The rest of the stage lights up, we see the shoddy staffroom of a provincial college. A large, ugly round table with curved legs dominates the stage centre.. .

Passage 2: 

Scene I 

The rest of the stage lights up, we see the shoddy staffroom of a provincial college. A large, ugly round table with curved legs dominates the stage centre. The table is bare. The chairs are straight backed, uncomfortable, of irregular sizes, and placed randomly. There is a smaller rectangular tale next to one of the chairs, also bare. Upstage left are two, high, steel shelf racks filled untidily with books, notebooks, ledgers, loose sheets of paper, a large box of chalk and a bottle of ink. The door to the staffroom is upstage left of centre. It is an old fashioned half door with two flaps that swing wildly and which cover only the middle of the door space. Consequently, the head and legs of anyone on the other side can be seen, the legs alone if it is someone short. Mr. Iyer enters. He is tall, spare but vital, in his late forties, dressed formally in a light suit and tie, carries a leather case which he places on the round table, then notices something on the floor, picks it up. It is a rectangular piece of polished wood, with the words ‘Eng. Dept.’ painted on it in white. It has obviously fallen down or been knocked down from outside the door. Mr Iyer runs his right palm across it and places it carefully on one of the shelves. A bell is heard clanging. Enter Miss Sarala in an almighty hurry. She is about twenty seven, wears a shimmery sari, a fussy embroidered blouse with long sleeves, a good deal of gold jewellery, she has a large red dot on her forehead, flowers in her hair and carries a cloth bag stuffed with books. She goes up to one of the shelves and hunts for something.

IYER: Is it your attendance register that you are looking for Sarala?

SARALA: Oh! Yes. Yes sir. I was finding it but . . . 

IYER (gently): You mean you were looking for it but couldn‟t find it . . . I believe all the attendance registers have been taken to the office for calculating the students‟ attendance records. Were you not aware of this? 

SARALA: Yes. Oh yes, yes. Mrs. Nathan told me. But I just forgot. So many things that I have to remember. And doing detailed plus non detailed this year, I . . . 

IYER: Do you find your workload too heavy Sarala? Would you like me to speak to Mrs. Nathan about it? 

SARALA: Sir? No Sir. I . . . so grateful . . . I . . . If I ask you sometimes, some passages that you can explain...with your experience and knowledge then . . . 

IYER (withdraws slightly. Opens his case and takes out a notebook): Certainly. But if you are meeting the Commerce section for the first hour, you should be on your way. You are already five minutes behind. 

SARALA: Oh yes! Yes sir! (looks into her bag, pulls out a couple of dog-eared books, goes up to the door, hesitates, then returns to get some chalk) Sir! That book you gave me, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, her poetry, it is so beautiful sir. So much . . . so much emotion . . . so much . . . (pause) . . . emotion . . .

Silence SARALA: I should go sir. The students must be . . . (goes towards the door and almost collides with Mrs. Nathan who is entering) Oh! I am so sorry. Really sorry. I was going to class . . .

 NATHAN: Late. Always late Sarala. Even after three years of being a lecturer. 

SARALA: It was just that I did not get a bus and . . . 

NATHAN: Then you should start early. What kind of example are you setting the students?

SARALA: I am sorry. I . . . (exits quickly)

3. This question has two subparts, A+B. Both have to be answered:

A. Describe and contrast the characters of Mr. Iyer and Miss Sarala based on the information in the stage directions. Analyse the character of Miss Sarala based on her conversation with Mr. Iyer. 

ANSWER : In the above paragraph it was described that Mr iyer sarla and Mr nuthan both are very different character from each other vishwanath and was quite strict and disciplined when he spoke about the sarla that she was late what she can set a example among the student that reflects that he was not happy to see that sarla was again later he was not in the mind to understand that she could have her personal reasons for being late, but Mr iyer who was quite understandable who understands that due to the lot of work of household as well as heavy traffic a woman can left her bus it's common among everyone in the conversation of Mr iyer and sarla it reflects that they both are good colleagues who usually exchanged their things as was mentioned that sarla returned a book to Mr iyer which she borrowed from him to read.

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B. Mr. Iyer has been asked to write a recommendation letter for Miss Sarala. Based on your assessment of Miss Sarala as a teacher, write an honest but tactful letter of recommendation.

ANSWER : Sarala is quite hard working women and teacher we can set a best example amongst the student how to be a polite and how to manage both house and and work she set a very good example for the women empowerment I always recommend that her dedication towards her work is quite impressive and a a helpful for the society anyone can take the best example from her and implement her good features in in on life she sometime miss the bus just because of her household works but she never take leave from her job that reflects a very good message about the women empowerment and women dedication to the work she is dedicated to work her work her students always appreciate harsh teaching skills.

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4. This question has two subparts, A+B. Both have to be answered:
A. What kind of a workplace is described in the dramatic extract in Passage 2? Describe the setting and the workplace relations between the three characters. (10 marks) 

ANSWER : the workplace is described in the dramatic extract as a school classroom where two teachers were discussing on the attendance register then work stress and end with NATHAN comment on Sarla about her late arrival, then she apologized about her late arrival. In within she thanks t Mr. Iyar for his book Elizabeth Barrett which she borrowed for reading.

B. Imagine you are Mrs. Nathan from the dramatic extract given in Passage 2. Write a report on the condition of the staff room recommending appropriate repairs and improvements.


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