MCS024 : Question 1 (f) The life cycle of an applet. | June 2023 Paper Solution

mcs024 june 2023 Paper

Question 1. (f) Explain the different steps in the life cycle of an applet.

The life cycle of an applet refers to the different stages an applet goes through from its start to its end. Here are the simple steps in the life cycle of an applet:

1. Initialization: The applet is loaded into memory by the web browser or applet viewer. During this step, the applet prepares itself by setting up its resources and creating the user interface.

2. Start: The applet starts running and executing its code. It may begin animations or perform any other actions necessary for its functionality.

3. User Interaction: The applet waits for user input or actions, such as clicking a button or typing on the keyboard. It responds to these interactions and performs actions accordingly.

4. Execution: The applet continues to run and execute its code while the user interacts with it. It can update the display, process user input, and perform calculations or other tasks as programmed.

5. Stop: If the applet loses focus or becomes hidden, it pauses its activities. This could happen when another window is opened or when the applet is no longer visible on the screen. 

6. Destruction: When the applet is no longer needed or the web page is closed, the applet is destroyed. It releases any resources it was using and cleans up after itself.

These steps ensure that the applet functions properly and provides a smooth user experience. By following this life cycle, the applet can be initialized, run, and terminated in an organized manner, ensuring efficient operation and proper resource management.

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