Q.2 (1) What is the difference between intensive reading and extensive reading? (A120)

Q.2 (1)  What is the difference between intensive reading and extensive reading?

The main points of difference between extensive and intensive reading are explained below:

1. In extensive reading the reader reads multiple books, newspaper, magazines etc. to get a general understanding of the topic of their interest. Conversely, Intensive reading is concerned with classroom learning, wherein the student is compelled to read some text as many times as required to deeply understand the topic.

2. Extensive Reading is a supplementary reading which is concerned with decoding of the written material. On the other hand, intensive reading is comprehensive in nature, as it involves comprehension of the written text.

3. Extensive reading is reading for fun, entertainment and pleasure, as well as to gain a basic understanding of something. However, the primary focus of intensive reading is to understand the literal meaning of the text being read.

4. Extensive reading involves a reading of novels, journals, newspaper,s and magazines. As against, intensive reading is all about textbook reading.

5.As the topic is chosen by the teacher in the case of intensive reading, it may not be appropriate as per the student’s interest. On the contrary, in extensive reading, the students are free to choose the material they want to read.

6.Extensive reading is concerned with reading different books and other study material based on a similar concept or idea. In contrast, intensive reading involves reading the given material, again and again, to understand it in full.

7. In extensive reading, readers are not supposed to use a dictionary, as understanding each and every word contained in the material is not vital. As opposed, in intensive reading readers have to use the dictionary, to understand the meaning of every single word which is unfamiliar to them.

8. While extensive reading is important for improving the reading speed and fluency of the reader, intensive reading develops critical thinking, analytical skills in the reader, along with improving reading skills, vocabulary, and grammatical knowledge.

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