World environment day-2021 "Variation in Environment under this pandemic"

A pleasure to be here on this platform of Lawtantra for expressing my feelings towards our environment.

Very off to say that we are not celebrating this day physically, but this platform which is given by the Lawtantra community is very possessive, creative, and sophisticated.

World environment day first celebrated in 1974 in the U.S and we are celebrating the 47th environment day, as we know we really feel good after hearing about the natural environment which includes plants, trees, etc.

But we know we are not possessive about planting a tree or something which is good for our own environment

In this pandemic of covid, we should make a positive environment in front of people's, if we'll not do so then it will make anxiety, fair inside the peoples.

The environment is the thing which is around us, so we are the only one who can deal environment in a commendable way for the whole community.

The environment is polluted by peoples and clean by the people so, we should handle this for our own wealth and health. Systematically we can handle our environment by clean dust and plant trees and make people positive. We should maintain discipline around us like peace, manners, and glamour.

We know in this pandemic we suffering from covid because of the bad environment by following ways:-

1.Peoples are touching here and there.

2.lack of protection against covid.

3.most are not wearing the mask.

4.Some are not maintaining social distance.

Because of only a few peoples slowly covid taking arise which we can say that this absolutely affected the environment in a negative way.

THANKING YOU all for reading my written speech

Be safe, Be alert

A good environment will save your life

Yash Kumar Sharma

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