Why reality shows are the garbage of society.

Why reality shows are the garbage of society.

Do you watch reality shows like Bigg Boss, Roadies, and Splitsvilla? If yes, then chances are that you are wasting a lot of time hampering your own mental health. Researchers from Central Michigan University have found that watching certain kinds of reality shows can actually lead to greater displays of aggression afterward. These days there are a lot of reality shows which provide a platform for people to display their talents in Dance, Music, and Art to the world but one does not know what are qualities required to be a part of reality shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss. 

The most important qualities seen so far in common in the contestants are abusing, fighting, disrespecting other contestants, making derogatory statements about other contestants, and sometimes even about their family members. And sadly these shows and contestants have a large fan base and many fan pages on social media. The fans of these contestants are a lot of time seen fighting with the fans of other contestants on social media. In which sport or competition are these qualities appreciated in any way? In fact, in sports and competitions, there are strict rules which try to eliminate these aspects. Also, the tasks in these shows are completely stupid and ridiculous. There is absolutely no talent required to perform these types of tasks. Sadly a lot of teenagers and youngsters are addicted to these shows and aspire to become a part of them. They think these contestants are a part of the successful people of the world and the things they do are qualities of an alpha. But in reality, these are the people who are ridiculed in the real world and usually disappear within a year or two after being on the show and struggle to find a place back in the industry.

 A lot of us want to be in the spotlight and want to be famous and live the life of a celebrity. But there are a lot of other better and respectful professions in the world to lead such a life rather than being part of a show where you have to do absurd things craving attention. Choose your idols wisely; be an admirer, not a follower. Idolize someone who helps you learn qualities required to become a better person or at least better in your profession. The above are just the views of the author.

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