Important events of 20 May

 1293 - An earthquake in Kamakura, Japan, killed 30,000 people.

 1310 - Footwear manufactured for both feet.

 1378 - Assassination of Bahmani Sultan Daud, ruler of the Deccan province of South India.

 1498 - Vasco da Gama reaches India.  Get this almanac directly and join the "Haryana Educational Updates" Facebook page for various and educational news.

 1609 - William Shakespeare's first collection of poems is published in London.

 1677 - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj wins the fort of Jingi.

 1784 - A treaty is formally signed between the empire of Great Britain and the Dutch Republic in Paris, ending the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War.

 1825 - Charles X becomes King of France.

 1864 - 1,400 killed by the battle at Ware Bottom Church, Virginia.

 1867 - The Royal Albert Hall of the Arts and Sciences Foundation, composed by Queen Victoria, is inaugurated.

 1873 - Levi Strauss, a businessman from San Francisco, and Jacob Davis, a tailor, is given a patent for jeans.

 1882 - Gothard Rail Tunnel Entry opens Switzerland and Italy.

 1891 - Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope is publicly presented to the National Federation for the first time.

 1902 - Cuba gains independence from the United States.

 1902 - Tomas Estrada Palma becomes the first President of the country.

 1923 - Stanley Baldwin becomes Prime Minister of Britain.


1926 - Railway Labor Act passed.

 1927 - The first passenger airline manufactured by the Boeing 40A company is flown for the first time.

 1927 - Saudi Arabia gets independence from Britain.

 1965 - 121 people died after Pakistan's Boeing 720-B plane crashed in Cairo, Egypt.

 1965 - Commander M.S.  The first Indian contingent led by Kohli reached the Mount Everest conference.

 1965 - British police get permission to release tear gas shells against criminals.

 1972 - Cameroon adopts its constitution.

 1972 - The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the second Howrah Bridge.

 1983 - 16 people died in a car bomb blast in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa.

 1990 - The Hubble Space Telescope sends the first images from space.

 1995 - Successful launch of unmanned space 'Spectra' by Russia.

 1998 - Trial of the multibarrel rocket system 'Pinaka'.

 1999 - Death penalty to Kurdish rebel leader Semdim Sakic.

 2000 - George Spate, leader of gunmen in Fiji, sworn in as the country's interim prime minister.

 2001 - The Taliban in Afghanistan enacted a dress code to identify Hindus separately.

 2002 - Portugal recognizes the independence of East Timor.

 2003 - Pakistan bans militant group Hizbul Mujahideen.

 2004 - Sworn in by the newly formed government in Taiwan.

 2004 - After the European Union, the US also announced to reduce agricultural export subsidies.

 2006 - China says Taiwan is not eligible for World Health Organization membership.  Get this almanac directly and join the "Haryana Educational Updates" Facebook page for various and educational news.

 2011- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dedicated the oil refinery at Bina in Madhya Pradesh to the country at a cost of thousands of crores.  It is a world-class project made by the efforts of Bharat Petroleum Limited, Oman Oil Company, and the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

 2011- Mountaineer Premlata Agarwal of Jharkhand created a new history in mountaineering, having the distinction of being the oldest Indian woman to climb Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain peak.

 2012 - An earthquake in Italy killed 27 people.

 2019 - India adopts new standards for measurement units such as kilogram, kelvin, mole, and ampere.

 2020 - Severe cyclone Amphon hits the West Bengal coast near the Sunderbans.  P.B.  Over five lakh people in Odisha and more than one lakh 58 thousand people were evacuated to safe places in Odisha.  Amphion caused severe destruction in several districts of Bengal including Kolkata and 72 people lost their lives due to the storm.

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