English literature Question 1 part-A answer

*English literature Question 1 part-A ka answer* 

when the narrator was born n, people in his village sympathised with his  mother and nobody

congratulated his  father.  he arrived at dawn as the last star blinked out. they Pashtuns see this as an

auspicious sign. My father didn’t have any money for the hospital or for a midwife so a

neighbour helped at my birth. My parents’ first child was stillborn but I popped out kicking and

screaming. I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son, while daughters are

hidden away behind a curtain, their role in life simply to prepare food and give birth to children. 

s. With the prevalence of the male dominance, there were

constraints imposed upon women in terms of number of aspects, these include, acquisition of

education, employment opportunities, forced child marriage, purdah system, sati and so forth. The

status of women in pre-independence India was primarily dependent upon their upbringing and the

society in which they lived (What is the status of women before independence?n.d.). Before

independence, there were women, who mastered skills and abilities and fought for their rights.

Women also struggled for the achievement of independence against the British rule. Whereas,

there have been women, belonging to lower castes and socio-economically backward sections of

the society, who did not enjoy equal rights and opportunities and their living conditions were not

adequate. They were dependent upon the male members and were required to follow the rules,

policies and norms, implemented by them.

The position of women was low. During this age, wherein different codes of conduct,

which prescribed various norms and behavior traits for the women made them implemented. This

period observed the exclusion of women from rendering an effective contribution in social,

economic, religious and political spheres. They were confined merely to the households and were

required to carry out all the household responsibilities and take care of the needs and requirements

of their family members. During this period, number of systems were put into operation, which

imposed unfavorable effects upon women. These include, child marriage, restraints were imposed

upon widow remarriage, female foeticide, female infanticide, purdah system, sati and polygamy.

Within the course of time

[22/03, 3:30 pm] NAVEEN KUMAR: Question-1(B)

Dear Diary,

These past days were traumatic. Italy is in a total Lockdown because of the Coronavirus, so I’m forced to stay at home, against my will, until the 3rd of May. I miss going out with my friends, to parties or visiting my grandma and spending time with her. However, I’m going to do what I need to do if I want the Coronavirus out of here. 


The country was wholeheartedly Locked down, with all the schools closed and  people needing to maintain social distances from one another when they are walking or going to the supermarket. However, on a positive note people are starting to wash themselves more often and are generally being more hygienic. 


Talking about school, my school decided to do video lessons for a month or so, until this all blows over, anyway. My day in quarantine starts at 7:45 when I wake up and prepare myself for the first lesson at 0815. When the first two lessons are done, at 1005, I have a ten minute break. Then the other two lessons begin and then finish at 1205 and have a lunch break of 30 minutes. Then we have the last two hours and we finish school at 1425, a total of 6 hours a day.


So, my day in quarantine is not that interesting, but I am getting through it.


Bye and see you soon. 

Edoardo Bozzale

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