Sol DU Online Economics Exam 2021

On March 23, 2021, Economics DU SOL  has an exam in which students have worked hard to good result. In the papers so far we have seen that students do not have books. Many facilities have not been provided by the university in pendamic so that they are facing a lot of trouble.

As the account papers was very difficult. We also assessed that the paper was a bit difficult. Definitely, but now it has to be seen how the paper of economics will be design on 23 March.

According to our assessment, the paper of Economics will not be very difficult. There are possibilities of more questions being asked from the market chapter. This is a request to all the students. Read the market chapter properly and some basic questions that we have shared in our important notes. Students must read those important notes. 

At the same time, we believe that the way students are studying in Economics paper, make sure that when you have an Open Book Examination, you do not have to spend much time searching for answers. You all need to study in such a way which helps to find answer easily.

Best of Luck!!

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