Question 2 : Explain the concept and features of Brick and Click business....

Question 2 : Explain the concept and features of Brick and Click business. Elaborate the problems

related to e- business. Mention the steps that should be taken to deal with security problems.

Answer :

business model refers to the combination of a physical retail location (the brick) and an ecommerce sales channel, or online store (the click). This business model is also sometimes called “brick and click,” “click and mortar,” and “clicks and bricks.”

In essence, this business model allows small businesses to take advantage of two unique sales channels by implementing a unified retail strategy. This being said, combining both channels with the bricks and clicks business model gives businesses the opportunity to offer more shopping options to customers—while also increasing their earnings and potential brand reach.

Examples of Bricks and Clicks Businesses

With the growth of ecommerce, most large retailers have implemented the bricks and clicks business model—running retail stores as well as selling their products online.

Therefore, big-name companies like Target and Walmart could be considered bricks and clicks businesses, as well as retail stores such as Old Navy, Petco, and DSW.

This being said, although the bricks and clicks concept is most commonly applied to businesses with physical locations that then open an online store, there are examples of the reverse—popular ecommerce businesses investing in brick-and-mortar locations.

In this case, these stores are usually referred to as “clicks and bricks” and include retailers like Warby Parker, Casper, and Bonobos.

As you can see by these examples, the bricks and clicks business model can encompass a variety of different types of businesses across many industries.

You might currently run a brick-and-mortar store and decide to start an online store to offer your products through an ecommerce experience as well. On the other hand, you might currently run a successful ecommerce business and decide to open a storefront to bring your products to customers in-person.

When it comes down to it, therefore, the implementation of a bricks and clicks model will likely be unique to your specific business.

This being said, however, regardless of how you implement this model, bricks and clicks generally functions based on a few common principles:

Flexibility of operations: One of the goals of this business model is to offer customers flexibility that you wouldn’t be able to offer with a single channel. As an example, brick and click retailers can offer customers the choice of purchasing products online or in-store and having their orders delivered either to the store or shipping directly to their home. Similarly, returns can be streamlined in a brick and click model, giving shoppers the ability to make a return in the physical store to save on shipping costs.

Unified shopping experience: Similarly, another goal of the bricks and clicks model is to provide customers with a unified shopping experience, meaning your two channels (your physical store and your online store) need to build upon each other in cohesion and offer greater value than you would receive by simply having one or the other alone. In this case, an example might be that syncing your inventory across channels allows customers to check if an item is in stock before heading to a store to purchase it.

Improved customer experience: Both of these goals contribute to the larger principle of improved customer experience. Instead of catering to a single customer channel preference, the bricks and clicks model can cater to a wider range of customer desires. With two channels that work together, customers can access the best of both worlds and are more likely to find a shopping scenario—for example, ordering online and picking up in-store, that meets their preferences.

Brand building and growth: Finally, of course, the ultimate goal of this strategy is the success of your business. By reaching more customers and providing a better experience, you’ll hopefully access increased profits and business growth. To this point, although perhaps less tangible, implementing the bricks and clicks model allows you to increase brand awareness and reach—especially through integrated advertising and marketing strategies.

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