Trump's account locked for 12 hours

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Social media companies have blocked all of President Donald Trump's social media accounts for defending protests in Washington. Social media sites Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat have blocked the president's account. Trump's account locked for 12 hours. Twitter has also threatened to shut down the US president's account altogether.

Three tweets from the US president were also removed for not accepting the presidential election and for torturing supporters. The administration has warned that the account will be permanently blocked if Trump does not refrain from making controversial statements on Twitter.
Defending the protests, US President Donald Trump tweeted that such incidents occur when the people are kept away from their election victory. For a long time, the rights of patriotic Americans have been violated.
He tweeted that protesters should go home peacefully and remember the day. Following such tweets from the US President, Twitter removed Trump's tweet and Facebook also blocked Trump's account for 24 hours. Has given
The Facebook administration says Trump has twice violated the Facebook policy. Pro-Trump protesters stormed Capitol Hill during a joint session of both houses of Congress.
It should be noted that the supporters of Donald Trump entered the building of Capitol Hill (Parliament Building). Clashes broke out between Trump supporters and police. The Capitol building was locked down after the clashes. A curfew was imposed in Washington DC after a riot by President Trump supporters at the US Parliament building. The curfew will apply to the entire city.

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