Impact of US presidential election on INDO - US relations.

Impact of US presidential election on INDO - US relations

Now there are just a few days left when Americans will have a new president. At this moment it is very difficult to guess who will be the President, whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

Whomever the winner is in the political turmoil going on in America. What effect will this have on India, we will try to know through this article. Before that, let's look at the views of both candidates towards India. If we look at the relationship between America and India recently, these relationships have become very strong in the recent past. Recently, the government has made a lot of effort, due to which the relationship between America and India have improved a lot. In 2017, when the Prime Minister of India went to America, Mr. PM was very much welcomed in America. There, he participated in a very large program called Howdy Modi, were about around 50k people came to listen to Modi Ji. During this program, Modi Ji did a lot like during the Iran controversy things that have greatly improved the relationship between India and America. Also when Mr. Donald Trump visited India in the same year. He told many such things which showed that the relationship between India and America is very deep and strong and always stands for each other. They were ready to share the problems and both countries are fully capable of fighting the terrorists and will simultaneously try to fight the terrorists.

The story that has been done so far is very good in terms of India. Donald Trump has always helped India and he always talks about helping.

But now there is a little thrill in the story here. The terrible disease coronavirus spread across the world has affected every country somewhere. The US has also been impacted to a large extent, due to which the US President Donald Trump may also face a lot of setbacks in the coming elections.

But It'll be not favorable for the Indian point of view,because his opposition candidate, Joe Biden who has been seen against many policies of India so far.  Biden said in a tweet.

 “It’s not how you talk about friends – and it’s not how you solve global challenges like climate change. [Democratic vice-presidential candidate] Kamala Harris and I deeply value our partnership [with India] – and will put respect back at the center of our foreign policy.”

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